La Invisible Studio.

Born in the 2002, by the hand of María Güell Ordis, La Invisible gets consolidated in the 2004. The headquarter is located in Barcelona, carrer Princesa, in the neighbourhood of El Born.

In the 56th of carrer Princesa, works a small team formed by 3 people, but La Invisible has also a group of contributors that for years, have become key elements of the whole team. They are professionals from different fields: architecture and urbanism, graphics, electronic and control systems or assembly technicians.

Usually collaborate: MªJosep Moliner, Dafne Pavez-Gikis, Elisa Codina, Vicenç Sampera, Martí Mas, Anaïs Bartomeu, Sergio Parra y Daniel Bravo.

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María Güell Ordis. Girona 1970.

Lives in Girona until 1992, when she moves to Barcelona. María studies at L’Institut del Teatre, specialized in Scenography, but would not obtain the degree until 2013 because of her vocation in lighting which pushes her to get involved in the dance stages, her main professional environment until 2000. Since then, she starts to collaborate in the field of architecture and exhibitions, environments that allows her to apply her knowledge from the stage lighting. She evolved in parallel to the architecture field which is growing and developing thanks to the artistic expressions that have been creating using light as a material during the XX century, and on the other hand, for the great possibilities that technology has been developing in the lighting area the last years.

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