Born’s Christmas

The Born is an immense space that causes a great visual impact on the visitor. It is not usual to find the possibility of enjoying an interior space as large as this and with such an imposing structure. Due to the large scale of the place and its immensity, introducing a decorative element presents several difficulties.

To reflect has seemed to us an irresistible exercise and very suitable for the occasion. Without adding any new language, it gives the opportunity to see the own space from a different perspective or, perhaps, from many new perspectives. Different points of view with variations in ratio, in size, with repetitions and also with the reflection of the colours of the solstice as a metaphor to get the landscape into the Born.

Client: El Born CCM Location: Barcelona Date: 2017 Team: Xavier Bustos, Quim Guixa, Volàtil i Albadalejo Photographer: Rafael Vargas